Imagine a child whose illness prevent him from enjoying their childhood, from doing the things so many take for granted.

Imagine a child whose daily routine include a steady regime of medicine, needles, treatments and pain.

Imagine a parent watching their child in despair, dying silently. When a child dies it does not make logical sense, because we are not suppose to out live our children. The sadness can be overwhelming and it may feel that nobody understand our grieve. Questions arise about the meaning of life and people try to make sense of it all.

We seem to need children in our lives, to hear their laughter and to touch them, but our greatest need is to remind ourselves about their innocence and to put all of life into perspective.

What would it be like if we were to miss the sparkling laughter of the children? Children give us meaning to our lives. Children give us hope for a better future. Children are gifts given by God to humanity.

But the sad truth is that some are less fortunate. Some blossomed flowers are unfortunate enough to be left outside the day to day living of society. So for tens of thousands of children and young adults every day is a fearful struggle for survival.

Who cares about these unattended but brilliant boys and girls? We do!

Ribbons4Roses is an organization who works with the uncompromised commitment for the benefit of children fighting cancer, those living with autism and disabilities and down syndrome. We believe that the young people and children who become vulnerable due to unfortunate circumstances, too have an equal right to lead a carefree life just like everyone else in society.

Ribbons4Roses was established as a non-profitable organization in the year 2011. Based in Touws River, a small rural town in the Karoo, our founder, Ampie Fourie,  has been doing commendable work in the field of researching the needs of especially rural people and parents with children that have special needs.

But in the end it made sense to our founder, Ampie Fourie's life. There where lessons learned, life enriching lessons. A dream was born, a thought manifested in a word. The word developed into a deed. The deed came from love born out of concern for all beings. Our NPO - Ribbons4Roses was registered - so 2 little boys could leave a legacy and that everything was not in vein.


 Take a journey with will be a journey to be remembered!