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R4R Octopus 4 Premature Babies - Project 2019

All of us know how dangerous the preterm birth is to premature babies. The weight of most of them is around 500g. Their systems are not fully develop and many obstacles along they way make them stressed as small as the are.

R4R decided to make a difference with the help of our volunteers.

Feeling the closeness of parents has a significant meaning for better growth and recovery of the babies, but however parents are not able to hold their babies close to their bodies all the time. So here the R4R Octopuses come!

 These octopuses are make these preemie babies feel calmer and safer and their worth has been tested globally. for a while by medical staff and parents with fantastic results. Children can play with their tentacles in a similar way they played with the umbilical cord in the mother's womb, the crochet octopus gives them a form of physical contact which bring back comforting memories and distract them.  "It makes them feel safe and reminds them of the warm and secure place they've just left."  The little ones calm by keeping the tentacles in their tiny hands instead of pulling the tubes and cables - their life support. High risk babies are given a sense of tranquillity which will help to improve their breathing and regulate their heartbeat.

We are very happy being aware of the power of our actions with our group of volunteers. We can help in saving an innocent life that is not able to protect itself, life which is very important to everyone of us and means everything to the parents who has given it the beginning.

Taking part in this project is available to everyone who wants to help. It is easier than you think, and will make you feel great to know your skills have provided a handmade hug to those in need.

These woolly gifts will quickly become a lifeline of hope for premature babies, parents and medical staff alike facing a period of uncertainty and anxiety. They will all so lighten the mood of intensive care unit staff...as less little life's will be lost!


Patterns to download: (Octopus pattern will be available on our Whats App group or will be emailed to you)