R4R Pageants Mission Statement:

  • R4R Pageants is a multi-ethnic, multi cultural beauty pageant that will be produced and directed by Ampie Fourie and Linda Lourens.
  • We focus on developing confidence and inspire our contestants to become active humanitarian leader in their communities.
  • We will show a hands-on approach to charitable work and the support provided to various charitable organizations where ever we are and with what we have.
  • To promote inner beauty: "The power of a Beautiful Heart & Mind." - by celebrating love of self and independence so they may be inspiration to others.
  • This pageant desires to develop potential in individuals and not to limit them.
  • This pageant wants to promote inner beauty to help change the world's perception of what true beauty is.
  • It will be a memorable experience and to be involved will be a unique and fulfilling achievement.


Applications 2018/2019 : PAGEANT APPLICATIONS 2018/2019

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